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The Power of Social Intelligence

Individuals with strong social intelligence can sense how other people feel, instinctually know what to say in social situations and are self-assured, even in a large crowd. These individuals are described as having “people skills,” but what they truly possess is social intelligence.

Interpersonal skills are one of the most overlooked leadership and organizational development tools and are critical for communication and relationship success. Understanding the science behind non-verbal communication and harnessing your potential through proven social science techniques, ensures increased personal and professional power, respect, & influence. 

Athena Grace

Social Intelligence Strategist

Athena Grace, founder of Schemata LLC, is a human behavior analyst, executive coach, and public relations strategist. She specializes in using personality and behavior preferences to maximize organizational performance, communication techniques and, ultimately, culture transformation.

Athena brings more than a decade of experience in personality profiling, non-verbal communications techniques and recognizing human behavior patterns in order to assist corporations in areas including Public Relations Strategy, Image Control and Repair, Strategic Partnerships, Personnel Alignment, Executive Match-Making and Mediation techniques, among others.

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What is your

Social Intelligence Quotient (SQ) ?

Improving one’s Social Intelligence Quotient is accomplished by altering attitudes and behavior in response to the present environment.

SQ Defined

Unlike the standard IQ test, the Social Intelligence Quotient or SQ is a statistical abstraction. While it uses a similar ‘standard score’ approach (the same used in IQ tests with a mean of 100) it is not a fixed model.

The SQ leans more to the theory that intelligence is a complex hierarchy of information-processing skills underlying an adaptive equilibrium between the individual and the environment.

What Factors Determine SQ?

The social intelligence (SI) quotient algorithm is a combination of:
1. Socially aware population classification.
2. Positive attitude to progressive social issues.
3. Attraction and openness to new experiences.

Is SQ the same as EQ?
While Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage your own emotions, personal power and perspective; Social intelligence is the ability to manage other people’s emotion as well and balance interpersonal relationships in shifting environments. Therefore, the strength of your SQ depends on well you can “read” emotions in others. 
SQ Business Proficiency
In business, SQ relates to how effectively you interact with formal and informal  organizational structures and, by your interacting, adapt the structures to your needs.

Some of the hallmarks of SQ include:
• Proficiency in managing relationships and building networks
• An ability to find common ground and build rapport
• Persuasiveness and effectiveness in leading change
• Expertise in building and leading teams

We define Emotional Intelligence as the subset of Social Intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions. Peter Salovey

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